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Essentials to Know about Cleaning During Pregnancy

cleaning during pregnancy for moms

If you are a pregnant female, then you must become more concerned about your health to avoid harming an unborn infant. At the same time, you will want to have a clean house that is free of germs and dust. Home cleaning, while you are pregnant, can seem difficult, especially as your abdomen grows larger, making it difficult to perform certain tasks. However, there are experts who understand how to make cleaning a home safer and easier when you are expecting a baby.

Use Natural Cleaning Products in Your Home

While cleaning your home, make sure to use natural cleaning products that don’t contain dangerous man-made chemicals. When you are shopping for cleansers at a store, look for containers that are labeled with a natural or organic label. Make sure to read the ingredient label to determine what is in the cleanser before you buy it. To save money, you can mix your own cleaners using simple ingredients, such as baking soda or white vinegar. You can find recipes online for mixing homemade cleansers to pour into spray bottles.

Buy the Proper Tools and Equipment for Home Cleaning

pregnant mom using dusting wands

You can make it easier to have a clean home while you are pregnant by having the proper tools and equipment. Look for dust wands with long handles so that you can clean areas that are higher so that you won’t need to climb on a ladder. Search for a lightweight vacuum that rolls easily so that you can avoid lifting heavy equipment that is difficult to push from one area of a home to another. Buy a sponge mop to clean the floors so that you won’t need to wash the floors while you are on your knees.

Have Proper Ventilation While You Are Cleaning a Home

During pregnancy, you should avoid breathing any fumes from cleaning products. These fumes can make you feel dizzy or nauseated, and you can have complications from any exposure to volatile odors. While cleaning your home, make sure to open a window or use a ventilation fan to remove strong odors. In addition, never mix different household cleansers together because it can lead to a dangerous chemical reaction.

Avoid Skin Contact with Cleansers

While cleaning, wear gloves on your hands and a protective apron over your clothing to prevent contact with cleansers. You can also buy inexpensive dust masks to wear over your nose and mouth to avoid breathing in any particles of debris. During the cleaning process, you should use as little of a cleanser as possible to avoid having any residue on the surfaces of bathtubs or countertops. If you use paper towels for cleaning, then you can toss the items away.

Seek Help from Others

During your pregnancy, if major cleaning of an item in your home is required, then you should seek help from others, or find a trustworthy cleaning company, and reminding them to use these cleaning tips for pregnant moms.

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