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Smart Ways and Places to Store Cleaning Supplies around the House

where to store your different cleaning supplies

Do you keep your cleaning products in a central location or close to where you use them? It’s a common question people consider every day. Another question is where to keep them away from kids. Let’s look at some smart places you can store cleaning products.

Storage Caddy

Caddies are a great way to corral cleaning products used in a single room. The bathroom and kitchen are good rooms to start with. You may have separate cleaners for glass, tile, and the toilet. Get a caddy big enough for those products, a couple of sponges, and even the toilet brush.

You can store the filled caddy under the sink, on top of a cabinet, or in the linen closet. When it’s time to clean the bathroom, grab the caddy and go to work. If you have kids in the house, keep the caddy behind a locked door.

Peg Board

A peg board offers a way to keep cleaning supplies organized without taking up valuable cabinet space. Do you have an empty wall in the mud room or laundry room? That’s the perfect place to hang your brooms, mops, brushes, gloves, and other cleaning implements.

Measure the space and purchase a section of peg board that fits the wall. Hang the peg board, then start getting organized. You can purchase pegs in different sizes and configurations. A simple “J” hook can keep most brushes in place with no problems. Longer double hooks are perfect for hanging spray bottles from. Keep cleaning chemicals at the top, away from small children.

Tension Rods

A simple tension rod can become a cleaning center inside any cabinet or closet. The handles of spray bottles hang easily over the rod. You can use “S” hooks to hang brushes or a bag of cleaning rags.

You can use a single rod under a sink or add a couple inside a linen closet. Hang the high enough to allow for a second tier under the hanging items.

Color Coordinated and Labeled

Organize your cleaning supplies in colorful baskets. You can separate and sort the supplies based on your own preferences. For example, keep your wood-cleaning and preservation products in a brown basket. Keep bathroom products in a red one and your natural homemade cleaners in a green basket.

Another option is labeling bins. White baskets with attached labels allow you to coordinate the space easily. Labels let you organize the way you want. Bin labels like “Dusting Cloths” or “Bathroom Cleaners” makes it easy to find what you need.

Shoe Organizer

When space is limited, going vertical is the smart choice. A shoe organizer on the inside of a closet door is one option. Use each pocket for bottles, cloths, sponges, and other items. Keep the closet locked to keep kids out.

Rolling Cart

You can repurpose a rolling cart for cleaning supplies. Keep common items up top and less common ones below. Make sure you have a way to attach mops and brooms. When you clean the house, roll the cart to each room as needed.

When you don’t really want to think about having to store your cleaning supplies, of course, you can contact us for our house cleaning services and let us take care of your housekeeping.

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