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Residential House Cleaning Services Wheaton, IL & Glen Ellyn, IL

Home Cleaning Services

cleaning living room areas

Living Areas

  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Polish TV, mirrors, & computer screens
  • Vacuum floors
bathroom cleaning in homes and apartment


  • Wash bathroom floors
  • Polish tub, tiles, sink, mirror, & interior windows
  • Sanitize toilet inside & out
  • Sanitize floor
kitchen cleaning for Wheaton & Glen Ellyn homes


  • Clean counter tops and cabinet doors
  • Polish appliances and stove top
  • Clean sink and windows
  • Wash floor
home cleaning Wheaton-IL and Glen Ellyn Illinois houses

Our home cleaning service is a necessity for many residents of Wheaton, IL and Glen Ellyn, IL because it provides them with the extra time they are looking for to spend doing the things they love. Outsourcing your house cleaning duties is a very smart move, as it is quite affordable and just a call away. Are you over-scheduled with a whole bunch of chores and never know when you are going to do any of them? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family and friends, or on activities that you like? Call LynneJean Cleaning today and talk to us about your needs and what you are looking for.

Spring House Cleaning

Besides the normal cleaning tasks, we also add Spring House Cleaning to our routine cleaning in a systematic manner. Our spring house cleaning provides residents in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn a fresh start for the spring. Many people can get allergies as the spring arises due to heavy pollen in the air. Keeping a clean and sanitary home can help minimize allergies and keep you healthy all spring and summer long.

house window cleaning

Wash interior windows

dusting entire homes

High dust for cobwebs

vacuum cleaning

Vacuum furniture

cleaning gloves

Wash kitchen cabinets

cleaning tiles kitchen bathroom

Treat tile/tub with stronger chemicals to remove minerals

Move In/Move Out Home Cleaning

move in move out maid cleaning service
Experience the benefits of LynneJean Cleaning’s services at this busy time! We efficiently get the job done so you can concentrate on better use of your time. If you are moving into a new house or apartment, this is the perfect time to set yourself up with a move in deep cleaning. LynneJean Cleaning will make sure that your house is ready to go for you to start your life in your new home. If you are moving out from a house or apartment, a move out cleaning is a great service to get to leave the house looking fresh and clean, especially if you are planning on selling to new residents in the local Wheaton, IL and Glen Ellyn, IL area.

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Limo Service Express
19:56 11 Sep 15
I just starting working with LynneJean and I am extremely happy! We use their help with our limo service business and if you can imagine a limo service must be extremely clean and LynnJean does that for us so we are extremely thankful. We might be opening another limo location and will definitely hire you for that location as well. Thank you.
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