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4 Most Useful Ways of Getting Rid of Pet Hair from Your Home

ways to get rid of pet hair at home

If you have an animal companion in the house, you will have a lot of extra cleaning that has to happen, especially if your pet sheds. Cleaning up after cats and dogs can get frustrating, but if you practice routine habits it will make your life much easier.

Here are 4 of the most useful ways of getting rid of pet hair from your home.

Get On A Schedule

If you haven’t created a schedule for when to clean your house, it might be a good time to start. With a pet, however, you might need to increase the number of days you will be vacuuming to make sure you pick up all of the pet hair from the floor. Investing in a Roomba or other automated vacuum device might make your job easier because it can run while you are away from your home.

Keep The Air Moist

If you live in a dry area, it is especially important that you keep the air moist to make your breathing easier as well as your skin moisturized. Even if your climate is not dry, it is a good idea to keep a humidifier running at all times for the health of your lungs and skin as well as your animal’s skin and fur. If they are moisturized, they won’t lose as much hair in clumps all over your home.

Spray The Floor Before Vacuuming

If you are noticing that there is still pet hair after you have vacuumed, you might try spritzing the floor with a spray bottle of water and fabric softener. After shaking these two ingredients together in a bottle, simply apply a thin layer to the carpet and let it sit for up to five minutes. After it has had time to properly work, try vacuuming again. When the carpet is a little bit moist, the vacuum will be able to better pick up the pieces of hair that you missed on your first few tries and any hairs that were stuck deep in the carpet will rise to the surface.

Use A Sponge On Furniture

If you are having trouble getting the hair out of your upholstered furniture, try getting a sponge damp and rubbing it on the fabric of the couch or chair. This technique will help get the hair to loosen up and it will be much easier to pick up the chunks of unwanted hair. Don’t get the sponge too wet because you do not want to damage your furniture, but a damp sponge will do the trick. If you are unsure about trying this – perhaps you have a specialty fabric you don’t want to risk ruining – try using a rubber glove or an aired up balloon with the same technique. Another option is to try using a velcro strip to grab ahold of those pesky hairs.

Adjusting to having a pet in your home can be stressful if you are uneducated on how to properly clean up after them. Once you have figured out what works best for you and your home maintenance routines, you will be able to fully enjoy having your pet companion around.

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