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Pre-Holiday Cleaning Checklist: Dive In with a Clean Home

Couple sharing holiday cleaning tips for your home

When it is time for the holidays, you need to clean your home whether you are hosting family or going out of town. You do not want to return home to a dirty house, and you cannot host your family if the house is dirty. Use the tips below to bring the house back to life. Most of the time, you can get your family to help you, and you can clean up the house in a day or two.

Declutter And Recycle At The Same Time

When you are cleaning your home, you should try to eliminate as much clutter as possible. You probably have several things lying around the house that you do not need. You can use a bag to clean up all the trash that needs to be thrown out. You can make a pile that you will recycle, and you should make another pile for things that you might give to charity. You can remove a lot of clutter from the house, and you can decide to get rid of some items that you simply do not need.

If you are finding things around the house that need to be put away, you should store them in their proper spot. Now that the house is decluttered, you can clean the house properly.

Clean Out Your Fridge And Clean The Shelves

Person cleaning their fridge before holidays

You can clear our your fridge by removing everything that has surpassed its expiration date. You can keep the fridge in good condition by removing things that cause bad smells and waste space. Plus, you can remove everything if you want to clean the shelves and drawers. It is nice to go into a fridge that has extra space, and you do not want to come home to a dirty fridge.

If you are hosting your family you need extra space in the fridge to store all your leftovers. Plus, you might need more space for the wine that you have bought for all the people that you are entertaining. When you have completely cleaned out the fridge, you should move on to the freezer.

If you are fortunate enough to own a chest freezer, you need to clean it out so that you have space for things like the Christmas turkey.

Steam Clean Your Carpets With A Handheld Machine

Yes, you could hire someone to steam clean your carpets, but you may not want to spend the money. You can get a handheld steam machine that allows you to clean the carpets on your own. Your pre-holiday cleaning should include rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and even cleaning the stairs.

There are several rooms in the house that you need to reach, and that is why you should ask for help.

Clean The Bathrooms Perfectly

Somebody cleaning their bathroom before the holidays

When you are cleaning the bathrooms, you should clean the toilets, countertops, sinks, and mirrors. You might want to clean the grout in between the tiles, and you should make sure that you use sanitary wipes to clean flat surfaces. You can bring the bathroom back to life, and you can get gunk or residue off the floor.

Have A Winter Cleaning Party

When you have a winter cleaning party, you can get your spouse and kids involved. Bake cookies that night or make a big dinner. Start the day with assignments for everyone in the family. Everyone will complete a task that makes the house a bit cleaner, and you can complete the job in half a day. Once your family is done cleaning the house, you can have a big dinner.

If you bake cookies with your kids, make sure that you allow them to decorate their cookies. You want to make the holiday cleaning party as much fun as possible. Plus, you do not want to do this when you get home after a long holiday trip.

One More Thought About Cleaning Up For The Holidays

Your pre-holiday cleaning checklist will help you keep the house in pristine condition before you leave for the holidays or host your family. You can have a big party with your kids where you all clean at the same time. Plus, you might tackle one project every day until the house is ready.

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