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The Landlord’s Definite Guide For Rental Property Cleaning

If you are a landlord, then you know that rental property cleaning is a chore that never ends. You may own multiple homes or apartments, so you will have tenants who move out of your rental properties, leaving messes that require removal as fast as possible before you rent to another tenant. There are a variety of steps that you must complete to have a property that is ready for new renters. Follow these steps to have a place that is ready to show to potential tenants.

1. Removal of Clutter

When your tenants leave clutter behind in the refrigerator or closets, you must contact them about picking up the things or alternatively, you should store the items according to local regulations. If there are things that are dangerous or decayed, then take photographs of the items first before throwing the things away. Photographs of the mess in a rental unit can protect you as a landlord when the previous tenants attempt to sue you for a deposit. After the property is empty, you can begin other cleaning tasks.

2. Sanitizing Kitchen Appliances

Sanitizing kitchen appliances is a difficult chore that involves removing the shelves and drawers from a refrigerator or dismantling a stove’s top to clean the burners and drip pans. This requires using special cleansers that lift grease and food debris. While completing this chore, look for signs of insect or rodent pests so that you can call an exterminator. Finish with washing the cabinets and countertops.

3. Cleaning the Bathrooms

The Landlord's Definite Guide For Rental Property Cleaning 1

Anyone looking at your rental property will have a concern about the bathrooms. This cleaning chore involves removing mold growth and mildew odor in addition to destroying any pathogens. You will need specialized cleansers for delicate bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile and glass shower doors. Make sure to inspect for any water damage around the bathtub, sink or toilet because if these items are in bad condition, then it is often easier to replace the items.

4. Washing Walls, Ceilings and Floors

The ceilings of a rental home or apartment can become dirty from cobwebs, cigarette smoke or other debris. Climbing on a ladder to wash the ceiling with a soft cloth saturated with soapy water can remove the dirt, but you can also find special tools for washing ceilings. These tools are also suitable for washing the upper walls, but you should scrub at the lower portion of the walls, baseboards and other surfaces to remove stains. Complete the cleaning by washing the floors.

5. Shampooing Carpets Is Part of Rental Property Cleaning

It is essential to shampoo the carpets to eliminate any odors, stains and vermin that are in the fibers. You can complete this cleaning task on your own, but it is also possible to hire a professional technician to perform the job. Make sure that the carpet dries completely so that your rental property is ready to show to new tenants.

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