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How to Keep a Clean Outdoor Space and Yard

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We’ve all paged through home decor and renovation magazines and longed for one of the beautiful outdoor living spaces featured that month. If you’ve made that dream a reality, you already know that keeping that space clean and usable is key to enjoying your investment. Outdoor cleaning is not exactly the same as home cleaning. Make sure you know the best way to take care of your outdoor space.

Wiping Down Furniture

The seats, cushions, stools, or chairs that make up the seating arrangement of your outdoor space are sure to experience the wear and tear of being out in the weather. The simplest way to clean these items, whether they are metal, plastic, or fabric, is to wipe them down with a soft sponge or rag. Don’t use anything harsh that could scratch the surfaces. You can use a premade outdoor furniture cleaning mixture or make your own with gentle laundry soap and borax. Rinse everything with clean water once you’re done. It might be easiest to keep a spray bottle of this mixture and some microfiber cloths handy so you can attend to spills as they happen.

How to Keep a Clean Outdoor Space and Yard 1

Machine Washing What You Can

If you have umbrellas over tables, check the instructions to see if they are machine washable. Tossing them in a machine with some gentle detergent not only saves you time and effort, it provides a much deeper clean. Many hammocks, seat covers, and cushions are also machine washable so check before you do unnecessary work! If you are still assembling your space, keep outdoor cleaning in mind and buy items that are machine washable.

Deck and Patio Care

Most outdoor spaces have some sort of flooring to provide atmosphere and ease of use. Talk to the company that installed your deck or patio to find out the best way to care for the wood, plastic, metal, or stone that is used. Concrete, brick, and stone surfaces always benefit from, at the very least, a mopping with simple soap. It’s always best to use the softest rag or brush possible. Only graduate to a rougher tool if the dirt or stain won’t come off with gentler methods.

How to Keep a Clean Outdoor Space and Yard 2

Keeping It Tidy

Shopping for the stylish and comfy stuff is usually the most fun, but don’t forget to invest in storage items, too. Keeping your outdoor living space clutter-free will make it more enjoyable as well as safer for everyone. Plus, having a place to stash chairs, dishware, toys, and other outdoor items during the offseason or severe weather will help those items last longer. When choosing storage options, keep in mind ease of use and home cleaning to set you up for success. Though we all dream of having a perfect outdoor living space, investing in the creation of the space is just the first step. Take good and accurate care of your patio, deck, or lawn space so it will continue bringing your friends and family joy for many years to come.

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