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5 Tips to Clean your Home during the Summer

Though there are cleaning jobs that need to be done year round, some jobs are a bit more seasonal. They help a homeowner prepare for the next season of the year while allowing for maximum enjoyment of the season they’re in. Here are five tips that can help with summer home cleaning:

1. Clean Out the Fridge and Freezer

This is summer cleaning task makes sure the fridge has a long life and keeps the food cold or frozen. First, unplug the fridge. Put a fresh garbage bag in the garbage can, bring out an ice chest, and fill the sink with hot soapy water. Put cleansers and lots of clean cloths in a work tray, and clear off the kitchen counters.

First, use a special grill tool or the crevice attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Then, clean the defrost pan at the bottom of the refrigerator. Soak up any water with paper towels, than wash the pan in the sink.

To clean the refrigerator, begin at the top shelf and put everything that is still good into the ice chest, and toss everything else in the garbage. Work down to the crispers. Then, clean the door shelves.

Clean out the bins and containers, and put the shelves in the water. Use a degreasing spray to clean the door, ceiling and walls of the fridge. Rinse them with clear water, dry them, and put the cleaned shelves back. Wipe down the door gaskets, and clean the top of the fridge. Then, return the food items to the fridge.

Take everything out of the freezer that’s still good, and place it in the ice chest. Keep the freezer door open if there’s ice in it, and allow the ice to melt. When the ice is gone, clean the walls, floor and ceiling with a paste of water and baking soda. Replace the food, shut the freezer door, and plug the fridge back in.

2. Launder the Bedclothes

For this summer home cleaning job, toss the blankets, comforters, sheets, pillows, pillowcases and dust ruffles into the washing machine. If possible, hang them to dry outdoors in the sun. In the meantime, make the beds up with bedclothes made for warm weather.

3. Clean the Attic and the Basement

Clean the walls and floors in the attic and basement. Tidy the shelves and storage areas and make sure the spaces are well ventilated and that any insulation is still sound.

4. Clean Walls and Shelves, Rotate Books

Vacuum the walls and the ceilings with the brush attachment, and send rugs out to be shampooed. If there are stacks of books anywhere in the home, rotate them so that they don’t warp.

Take items off the shelves and dust them, or move the items to one half of the shelf, dust the other half, move the items to the just cleaned half, and dust the half that needs attention.

5. Clean Upholstery and Window Treatments

Another part of summer cleaning is to steam clean the upholstery, and put drapes, curtains and other machine-washable window accessories in the laundry. Take the non-machine-washable items to the dry cleaners. Swap out old slip covers for new, summery ones, and put the old slip covers in the wash.

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