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7 Tips On Effectively Cleaning Your Electronic Gadgets

man cleaning his electronic device

You likely have several electronic gadgets in your home or office, and you should take care of the items according to the directions that are provided by the manufacturer. Here are some cleaning tips that are recommended by experts.

Electronic Gadget Cleaning Guide

Tip 1: Unplug the Electronic Gadgets

To avoid a shock, it is essential to unplug an electronic gadget before cleaning it. If the device is warm, then leave it sitting for several minutes until it cools down. Check your gadget’s manual to learn how you need to disconnect it properly from a power source.

Tip 2: Use a Soft Cloth

You should always use a soft cloth to clean your electronics rather than using a rough washcloth or a scratchy paper towel. Microfiber cloths are a good choice for cleaning your electronic items, but you should use cloths that are clean each time that you want to use it.

cleaning phone screen with a soft cloth

Tip 3: Buy Distilled Water

The water from your home’s faucet will have chemicals that can damage the surface of electronics, so you should buy a container of distilled water at a local store. This is the same type of water that is often recommended for your steam iron, so you may already have a container in your home.

Tip 4: Isopropyl Alcohol to Destroy Bacteria and Viruses

With a dab of isopropyl alcohol, you can eliminate the viruses and bacteria that collect on the surfaces of your electronic gadgets. You may have a bottle of this in your home’s first-aid kit. Remember that you will combine this substance with water rather than using it full strength on your electronic gadgets.

Tip 5: Cleaning Screens

The screens on phones, iPads and computers are extremely delicate, so you should use gentle strokes to wipe away debris with the slightly damp microfiber cloth. Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture right away, but again, do not press on the screen.

carefully cleaning gadget screen

Tip 6: Removing Dust

One of the most important electronic gadget cleaning tips is to remove dust from the inside of a computer. Some experts recommend turning a laptop or keyboard over to shake the dirt from it, but if you do this, then use caution to avoid dropping it. You can also close a laptop’s cover to tap its bottom while it is turned over. Make sure to tap very gently to remove the dust.

Tip 7: Interior Computer Cleaning

The interior components of a computer can become covered with debris such as household dust or pet hair, and you can use cans of compressed air to remove this debris. Learn how to open your computer’s case safely to use the compressed air to blow away the hair and dust from the interior components.

How Often Should You Clean Electronic Gadgets?

If you use a computer, phone or other electronic gadget frequently, then try to clean it at least once a month with a basic process.

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