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Simple Yet Effective Cleaning Tips For Kids Bathrooms

teaching kids to keep their bathroom clean

Just ask any mom and she will probably tell you that one of the hardest spot to keep clean in the home is the kids’ bathroom. It can be a nightmare from a horror movie when you walk into a bathroom with wet floors, messy sinks, overflowing trash bins and piles of dirty laundry and towels.

While we may have our own idea of what a clean bathroom looks like, I believe we can all agree on some basic cleaning tips for sanity control. Here we shall share some of the most common rules for clean kids bathroom.

bathroom cleaning checklist for children

 1) Teach your kids the importance of a clean home.

Although home cleaning should be taught from a young age, do not feel despair if you kept yourself as your kids’ personal maid. It’s never too late to build this habit in your child. Just push yourself to be consistent and provide them with lots of encouragement. Clean kids bathrooms require clean conscious kids!

 2) Wipe sink after every use!

When there’s a wet sink, there will be a wet mirror, wet floor and a overall wet mess. A simple purchase of a squeegee or a small wiper can turn this task into a breeze.

 3) Keep the floor clean.

Without a doubt, even a clean bathroom looks dirty if there’s anything sprawled on the floor. Most of the time when kids change in the bathroom, they conveniently leave the clothes laying around which brings us to our next tip….

 4) Place a hamper in the bathroom.

Yes! Even if you have a small bathroom, make use of any space available to place a hamper, basket or a bin for dirty clothes. You can stick a note right above the hamper so they are reminded every time they are in the bathroom.

 5) Wipe the mirrors and the toilet every other day.

These spots can easily be missed although they are heavily used. Wiping them every other day will make their maintenance easier to manage.

 6) Clean the floor and the tub at least once a week.

Believe it or not, for most of us that’s all the effort needed to keep the floors and the tub sparkling. This could easily be incorporated into a weekend home cleaning routine.

 7) Change the bathroom rolls and dirty towels as needed.

Dirty damp towels that stay in the bathroom for too long can cause mildew and emanate bad odor so make sure they learn to replace towels. Also keeping extra rolls under the sink will make it easy to replace a empty roll.

 8) Keep cleaning products in one bin under the sink.

A purchase of a bin from Dollar Tree will keep all the cleaning supplies together, preventing the need to constantly collect them every single time.

Practical Solution

An easy way to practically apply these tips is to create a chart with bathroom duties that includes all the kids names. When you create a graph, each child will feel responsible and accountable for their assigned chores, therefore saving you from unnecessary headache.

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