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Getting your Home Ready for a Maid Cleaning Service

house maid coming to clean your home

When you want to have a clean home but don’t have the time for vacuuming and sanitizing surfaces, you can call a professional maid service. Imagine coming home after a busy day at work to find a spotless home, or perhaps, you are too ill to use heavy equipment to clean your home, but a maid can make sure that every surface is free of dust and grime. However, if you have never hired a professional cleaner before, then you should understand the process. Use these tips to prepare for the maid-cleaning service.

Tip 1: Make Sure that the Maid Has Access to Your Home

It is important to make sure that the maid has access to your home at the specified time. You can remain at home while the maid is cleaning, or alternatively, you can arrange for someone else to give the maid access to your home. Don’t make the maid wait outside your home while you are completing errands because this expert may have other customers to work for at a later time.

Tip 2: Put Away Important Items

You should lock up the important things in your home that you don’t want damaged, including jewelry, antiques or a laptop computer. The removal of delicate items can prevent breakage during the cleaning process. Look around your home to determine if there are documents on the desk or dining room table that you don’t want touched so that you can place these items in a filing cabinet.

Tip 3: Removal of Clutter

While a maid can empty wastebaskets or remove empty food containers from kitchen countertops, you should remove as much clutter from the surfaces of your home as possible. This would include picking up children’s toys that are scattered on the floor, or you may need to put away hobby supplies that are on the tables or the desks of your home. Place dirty laundry in baskets that are in the closets or in a laundry room.

woman on sofa with lots of clutter

Tip 4: Have Pets in a Safe Location

A maid cannot clean your home when there are pets underfoot, and it isn’t safe for your cats or dogs to run around while the home is being cleaned. You can take pets to a boarding facility, or alternatively, you can place the animals in a carrier that is away from the cleaning zone. It is easier for the maid to clean your home when the animals are quiet, so you should make sure that the cats and dogs can relax while a stranger is in a home.

Tip 5: Determine What You Want to Have Cleaned

You may want a general cleaning process for your home, but you can also request specific services, including extra kitchen sanitizing with oven cleaning or floor waxing. If you have certain things that you want to have cleaned in a home, then you should have a written list to help the maid understand what types of services are needed.

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